3 Tips for Buyers on how to have a Successful Auction Day

The Auction Plus staff always wants our buyers to have a fun successful auction day. To help our buyers with this we have put together a short list of three easy tips to help all of our buyers hopefully achieve that goal. We want to make the day a little easier for everyone and hopefully prepare you for some things you might not have thought of, or are not implementing on your trip to the auction.

Tip #1

Planning – Once you have an auction in mind that you plan to attend, make sure you get to planning out all the details of your trip to the auction that day. Here at Auction Plus we do our best to get details, directions, terms and conditions, and pictures up in advance on our website and on Facebook so you can begin looking and planning for your trip to our auction that day. Take advantage of all this information, and if there is something you need to know more about be sure to call and get that info. in advance. Some things you need to consider when planning would be:

Location- Are you going to have to travel far to get to the auction? If so, some extra planning may need to take place to plan your trip.

Inside or Out? You definitely want to find out more about the location. Is it an inside auction? If not do I need to dress differently for the weather? Is it going to rain? (BTW here is a free extra tip…The best auctions tend to be in the rain for some weird reason, so if it’s raining don’t let it discourage you. Just dress for success and get on out there anyway!) Some other questions you may want to ask. Do they provide seating? or do I need to bring my own lawn chair?

How many lots? The amount of lots or length of the auction can make or break you as well. You want to make sure you have some idea of how long it is going to be. The best way to get this info is to call the auctioneer and ask. If it is going to be a lengthy one you want to make sure and plan your day accordingly.

Food and Drink- Don’t forget to find out about food! Nobody wants to get stuck somewhere hungry, so it is always a good idea to figure out if concessions will be available. It’s never a bad idea to pack along some extra snacks and drinks of your own just in case. At Auction Plus we try to have concessions available, but sometimes it is difficult to get folks out every auction. Luckily for us we are right in the heart of Cresson, Texas so we are close to food joints including a sonic right next door.

What kind of stuff am I buying? You want to know what you are interested in ahead of time. Look at those pictures on the website. If the auction company offers a preview take advantage of it and get a good look at what you may be buying. If it is breakable stuff you may want to bring some packing material just in case. If it is larger items you may consider bringing a truck and/or trailer. If it needs to be dismantled you may need tools…all these things are part of the planning process.

In short, the more you plan the better off you will be, and the better your auction trip will go.

Tip #2

Know the Terms

It is vital that you understand what the terms of the sale are before you arrive. Most auction companies post the terms on all their advertisement. At Auction Plus we do this plus we post it on our website with each auction listing for you to view beforehand. Look at those terms and ask some of the following questions in your mind as you review them:

What kind of payments do they take? Cash, Credit Cards, Gold Bullion?

Is there a buyers premium? If so, how much?

Does it mention anything about being absolute? If not I am assuming there are reserves, because I read all about reserves in an earlier Auction Plus post. 

Are there any warranties or guarantees.

When do the items need to be removed? Can I make arrangements if I need to come back to pick up?

Know the terms, and don’t let the terms surprise you!

Tip #3

Inspect and Investigate

Make sure you know what you are buying. Look at the pictures, call the auctioneer for more info., and if offered go to the preview.

You want to make sure you check out the items you are interested in thoroughly before bidding. I don’t know how many times I have bought items at auction that I did not thoroughly inspect only to get them home and realize something was broken or there was damage that I didn’t notice.

You have to keep in mind a lot of the items you are bidding on have been used, so take the time to see the full conditions of those items you are interested in. You also want to verify authenticity if possible. Bring a jewelers loop, a magnet, and be ready to investigate. If you can get info. before hand look it up online and see what you can find out. Do the research it just might pay off.

Take advantage of preview, online pictures and get there early. If preview is offered it is a great time to get a close up look at the items you are interested in. If you can’t get to preview, then take advantage of any online pictures. Don’t forget to set that alarm clock and get there a little early so you can get one more close look at the items in case you missed something.

Inspect and Investigate the items the best you can, don’t just assume they work or are in good shape. Look at it close in, under, on top, and behind. Most auction companies sell items ‘as is, where is’ with no guarantees or warranties, so buyer beware and buyer be aware. 

Remember you are paying good money for those items. Take the time to know what you are getting.

There you go. Three easy tips to help make your auction day better.

Remember #1 Plan #2 Know the Terms #3 Inspect and Investigate.


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